How To Ensure That A Server Hosting Database Is Secure

How To Ensure That A Server Hosting Database Is Secure

The developments made so far in information technology has increased the rate of internet crimes which may target crucial information stored in server hosting databases. Organizations and business have confidential information in their databases which may lead to losses if illegally accessed.

It is therefore, important to ensure that the database is secure. The security measures should focus on prevention of attacks, detection and immediate response to any insecurity incidents.

The first entry point that is a threat to stored data is the physical access of a server by unauthorized persons. It is important to ensure that security measures are put in place to deter attackers from gaining access to the server. Door locks, employee ID and access control systems can be installed to ensure that access to the server is strictly a reserve of authorized employees. This way, an organization ensures that even when an attack occurs, it is only external thus, less damage is done.

The use of a fire-wall is effective in bridging the transfer line between the server and the building, but it has its own limitations. It helps in reducing the number of times in which the server is attacked, but it has its own weaknesses too. People who are not authorized can still gain access to the server so that unauthorized transactions are authorized. Conversion of MICR to binary tackle is therefore, essential to secure the server.

The security software that is used at the server may need updating. This way, it is necessary to ensure that it is protected by updated anti-virus and anti-spyware. Windows Firewall is efficient enough to protect the server from the hackers. Though it is not possible to stop the Internet connection entirely, it can protect the connection with a simple IP address. Firewall works in the other direction too. If the firewall fires wall connections to unauthorized computers, those computers will not be able to access the server.

The server itself is secure. Only authorized staff can gain access to it. Server databases need to be protected too. Maintaining confidentiality of the server data ensures that valuable data is protected even in the cases of extreme accidents.

Low Latency Server Hosting

The performance of low latency can be enhanced by selecting the TCP/IP protocol. The entire communication occurs on one port going to many other ports. This helps to improve performance. By default, Windows Firewall is not able to filter this traffic as it is not a P2P application.

prise grade

enterprise grade firewalls are among the best available in the market. They are maintained by large companies and are used by varied people. Different from regular systems, this type of firewall is used to monitor all inbound and outbound traffic. They are also able to protect valuable data from being lost due to Security – Data Protection – Network Layer firewall.


PAgP is a Skinny Leopard firewall. PAgP originated as part of afast firewall. It is considered as a amalgamation of various VPN protocols. Currently, it is used by different companies and organizations to maintain surveillance over Internet and also to protect their valuable data from being stolen by hackers.

Mobile VPN Server Hosting

This is a very useful tool for organizations which have a large amount of data to protect. There are so many mobile users who use their mobile devices to access information located on a server. Making use of this utility is a cost effective approach to protecting a business. Users can even send data through SMS text messaging. This utility is also known as a mobile secure gateway along with two other related security devices called 440 Mobile Security and 5labs Mobile Security.

Remote Desktop Support

Due to the economical benefits of using this kind of devices, there has been a huge demand for the deployment of remote desktop support. Remote desktop is a process which allows a user to access สล็อตเว็บตรง a box on a machine through the internet.

Therefore, organization and business needs should always be thinking about their IT needs and their budget.

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