Many Musicians Will Buy Rap Beats But Not The Good Stuff…

Many Musicians Will Buy Rap Beats But Not The Good Stuff…

So you are looking to buy rap beats, semi- presets, hooks, IDM and drum samples. Everyone is looking for good rap instrumentals but the question is where to find them. A lot of musicians think they can start off with royalty free beats which you can download and use in your projects.

But that will cost you quite a bit of money. And if you are looking for the good stuff then those beats won’t be there.

So the best thing to do is find a good website that makes you pay for those beats (the good the beats are not free) and that also offers them for download.

Some of the websites are ZR fantastic beats which we all know ZR plays with new music and earn each month from its members which they can use on their sites.

So they offer you pay $12.00 to all you download which when I think about is quite a good deal if you are looking for rap instrumentals.

I was looking for a good website that was going to offer me a large selection of beats so I went looking for them. I was not sure what to expect.

The first website which I visited was a good start, not huge but had a lot of choice. There was a lot of stuff to choose from. I spent a few hours browsing, looking for the good instrumentals.

Don’t know you well, I did not know if I would find what I was looking for so with trying everything I wanted I spotted one that was good quality and not too expensive.

The website was

I said to myself “Wow, I could find that on the Internet Rap Beats!”

And then I said to myself “Now this is great, I am going to totally try this because Rap Beats it is so different to what I am used to!”

I posed to my wife and she said “You better go look at the beats they offer”

And she said “Why do you think I did that?!”.

This is the same today every day when I go to work. I see beats I cannot pass up and I tell them to work on them because they are so good.

You too can make your own rap beats for your music.


Well you will need a few things to help you start Rap Beats.

#1 A computer#2 An Internet connection#3 A reliable program to make beats#4 A good set of speakers (good monitor speakers is excellent)

And you know what? Even if you don’t have all that stuff (the computer, the Internet connection and speakers) you can still make great rap beats.

Through using an inexpensive program to make beats offering you the same quality beats you can get from expensive beat makers.

It is an inexpensive, cost-effective way for you to start making beats.

Now it was time to start making some seriously skilled beats.

I knew that I was heading to make some beats so I gathered up my สล็อตเว็บตรง money and purchase a MIDI keyboard.

Remember back to the metaphor of having to pay for it to get it done.

This is exactly what you need to get started with.

You grab the catapult and pull it up.Instantly you know where to start because you determined where to start.

This is exactly what you need because it enables you to play notes and melodies on Rap Beats the piano instantly.

Once you understand the concept and want to proceed further with the next step you can grab the catapult again and fly up!

This metaphor is awesome because it really clicks when you try to find that hard-to-find’ seam.

Without the application of heat you won’t be able to make the silk purse by catching one making a loop or shape from scratch.

I don’t know too many rappers that can say that they have mastered the art of rhyme over any aspect of their lyric.

It is a master class and something that you need to pay attention to.

It’s like you have twenty two floors to climb. Then you begin to realize just how high can you climb the ladder.

It’s like being a lawyer and being an expert at deductive thinking. When you handle things that are important – like how to handle and handle and organize your lyrics – you will be thinking in a different way.

This is the stage where you will incorporate a lot of the background Rap Beats knowledge and take your lyric writing to a whole new level.

In summary, if you want to wow the streets, take that lyric writing and start jumping on the performing end.

Now you got to get out there and grab that catapult. Don’t let nobody stop you cause next they just might be the next Emcee.

In part two of this article, I will tell you about how to grab the microphone, grab the spotlight and snag the golden opportunities!

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