Is Your Business Data At Risk? Top 3 Security Controls For Your Business Network

Is Your Business Data At Risk? Top 3 Security Controls For Your Business Network

This past week we received disturbing news of a major computer breach and Savin Corporation’s release of personal data. This event and the publicity it generated is putting business networks at risk. Let’s look at the three most important things to consider when securing a network.

1. Laptops. The spread of Internet laptop use is changing the way we work. More workers are relying heavily on laptops and occasionally even on home computers for occasional web surfing. It’s not a matter of security, but rather convenience and if you’re not comfortable with that then limit web browsing to specific folders and ensure that your web software requires a password.

2. indexed security. Web pages are increasingly making use of dynamic administration interfaces (DHI) that deliver Business Data a number of enhanced security services. These may include identifying and sending data to qualified administrators, generating encrypted passwords and keys to enhance security, and identifying running services to decryptMalware, Spyware or Adware.

3. Phishing. Phishing is when you trick someone into giving you information or access to their private information.Tricking someone with a well planned phishing campaign can be very impressive. You may even be using social engineering tactics on social Business Data media or search engines to get the information you need.

There are a number of good blogs on web ethics by professional security groups. One, for instance, explains the various methods used to trick users.

list of methods to trick or get users-enabling security, identity theft or financial information.

These are just a few of the things that might be used to get access to confidential information, but as you can see there are many ways attackers can get access to your company’s data. That’s why it’s important to consider a range of preventative measures when managing your IT – physical security is an important part of any security strategy.

Most companies are still relying on the employee to protect themselves by outsourcing everything. With outsourcing there is less in-house IT staff to take care of the infrastructure, which means less labour saving and larger bills.

Almost every aspect of your business relies on your IT infrastructure. To link with clients, deliver services, and manage invoices you need a working IT infrastructure. Almost every aspect of your business relies on your IT infrastructure.

For example, in the retail sector so much of your business relies on store CCTV which via the CCTV network the business can see the staff and also monitor stock and physical locations. How important it is for your business to operate correctly depends on how well that particular company’s IT infrastructure controls all access to the data center.

It’s probably no surprise that most businesses are still employing Business Data antiquated IT systems which are difficult to manage. As a business requires more IT to manage internal processes it becomes even more important to secure that IT network.

That’s why Just So Software offers a suite of solutions that manages all employee workflow processes, from purchasing to invoice, employee skillsets, and CRM integration.

Just So IT’s suite of offerings also offers advanced monitoring and reporting to highlight and map any potential areas of risk.

The Just So IT group consists of five different products and services Business Data.

1. Just So Monitoring-Tracking and Business Data measuring exactly what your users are doing with your existing technology and exposing those risks and then rewarding the appropriate respond.

2. Just So Monitoring – centrally managing a full suite of Just So Business Data สล็อตเว็บตรง solutions that enables you to respond to user needs with enterprise level reporting and security accreditation.

3.PPI- Protecting Privacy and Privacy Instruments.

4. E-Discovery- Powerful search technology that allows users to find and review stored legal documents and to Easily find out who has been storing confidential information acquired through the last 8 hours.

5.icesize- Offering size reporting and accounting for Business Data hundreds of millions ofFO thr004 stripped down servers. more…

6. Storage Management- Designed for control and ownership of virtualized storage environments.

7. Storage Virtualization- Sharing and creating virtual server image from existing orroprietary storage device.

8. Storage Replication- Creating virtual server image from exact copies Business Dataof the stored data base.

9. Data Protection as per ISO 27001 and SMPS 2.2.1

10. Privacy as per USIP 1.2

Services are available around the clock and 365 days a year. This is highly scalable and economical. It is compatible with most antivirus programs and other security devices as well such as. It is a complete solution for all your IT needs.

There are other products in the market that similar to Just So Security. In fact, they are all based on the same core of security but delivery different solutions. So, choose the one that best suits your business.

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